Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sleep Study

I had two long-overdue pulmonary sleep studies in January and February. It confirmed what my doctors and I already believed - I tested positive for apnea. I slept very little the first night, which is the norm for me. I was diagnosed with insomnia and sleep deprivation with sleep apnea. Interestingly, I wasn't diagnosed with restless legs to my knowledge, although I haven't followed up with the doc to discuss everything in detail yet, so it's still a possibility. The second night, I was on oxygen and it seemed to help me breathe better. You're sort of forced to breathe whether you feel like you can take the breath or don't get a choice on pressurized oxygen, which is the point. I didn't fall asleep any faster or sleep too much longer (5 hours the 2nd night verses 3 the 1st), but it's certainly a start. Something tells me I'll start sleeping a little better once I'm used to the mask and not hooked up to 25 electrodes like a science experiment, assuming I'm not getting up every other hour to go to the restroom like I often do thanks to my meds. We'll see. I'll meet with a CPAP company next week to discuss equipment.

Sorry for my hiatus, by the way. A great deal has happened over the last few months. Had another death in the family. I've moved to another city, still trying to get settled. Respiratory problems with the new place that had to be addressed. Fought the flu and a sinus infection...still can't seem to shake the annoying cough. Weaker than usual. Very stressful time, but I'm alive and kicking. Thanks for the emails checking on me. I really appreciate your concern.

I have no internet at the new place, and won't for a while longer. The offer happened very quickly, and while I am so relieved to finally be in my own apartment, it's unfortunately not in the right state where medical care is concerned. It will have to do for now, and I've decided to stay on other waiting lists in hopes of being where I need to be to get the best possible care for this condition. Perhaps Medicaid will someday be allowed to cross state lines, but I'm not holding my breath. Pun intended.

Next appointments are MDA and Renal clinics in April.