Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Weakness/Paralysis on Reglan for Gastroparesis

I was diagnosed with a sliding hiatal hernia and Gastroparesis (partial paralysis of the digestive tract), so I started Reglan last night. I was a chicken and broke it into quarters and only took one quarter of a pill. Good thing I did, because I have been unable to get out of bed all day so far from major muscle weakness. Dr. B and I knew it was risky, but we needed to give it a shot. Will DC Reglan immediately and resume Protonix twice a day until further discussion in October.

Reglan is a muscle stimulator, so for the average person, the drug would have been helpful. For one with HypoKPP, anything resulting in muscle excitability is a potential paralytic trigger.

The above diagnoses are contributing to my breathing issues, however, I hope to see a pulmonologist in the near future. My lungs and/or diaphragm may still be compromised, as two of my doctors have noted reduced breathing.

I'll be back with an updated list of my meds, as well as a list of meds I have recently reacted badly to, and a new location for my Periodic Paralysis article (which is gone at the moment, thanks to Yahoo shutting down their freelance site). Talk to you soon.