Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Family Matters

I've been up all night writing a long-winded email about my family history with this condition. As ugly as the story is, I think it is important to share with those who have (or think they have) the condition. If you are not on the PPA listserv and want a copy of it, feel free to contact me with your email address.

I'm thinking about my older brother and my younger cousins. It is hard not to worry about them where the possibilities of this condition are concerned. It would be a horrible shame if they went through the same horror that I've gone through...being disregarded, written off as crazy, or downright mistreated. The thought is unacceptable. I hope if any symptoms arise, they will take them seriously and seek medical care. It is important that they understand that Familial Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis is inherited, and they could be carriers of the genetic mutation.

I'm mulling over whether or not to look for a relative. She is trouble with a capital T, to the point that I don't want her to know my phone number or where I live. However, she expressed years ago that she was dealing with weakness and waking up unable to move. I feel it is my duty to give her the information that I have discovered about this condition since the last time we spoke. She has no idea that I believe she has the condition, because I didn't understand it back then. Had I known, I would have said something and things might be different for her today. I guess I have to do this. Wish me luck. It is not going to be an easy task.

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