Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Article: The Impact of Permanent Muscle Weakness

Here is a fantastic new study that went on within the support group I am a member of. I was too young to participate, but it is worth reading if you have Periodic Paralysis, no matter what age you are.

My only major concern with the information I read here is the usual...that serum potassium levels are not always "abnormal" 
when experiencing an episode. My episodes and those of many with HKPP occur well within normal range. During most of my recent hospital stay in telemetry, my potassium was in the 4s but I was severely weak and could not swallow for three days due to a paralytic episode. The abnormal shift of potassium through the muscle membrane can be minimal and still do tremendous and potentially life-threatening harm. This confusion is why I was ignored and untreated/undertreated for so many years, and quite possibly why I am myopathic at a young age.

I would like to get some input from those who reported that irbesartan helps HyperKPP. I have HypoKPP and I've been on it for nearly nine years now. At one point, my doctor switched me to a different medication, and my condition declined significantly. I got back on it as soon as I figured out that it was a factor. I find it very strange that irbesartan potassium would help someone with HyperKPP. Would it then hurt someone with HypoKPP? I can't wrap my brain around that, so I would love to find more information.

Thanks always to Dr. Lehmann-Horn and his entire team for the continuous work they put into Periodic Paralysis research.

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